Crypto Ethical Fund – Partnership for the promotion of fundraising

We have signed an important agreement with Crypto Ethical Fund, a voluntary organisation, which has the mission of setting up a cryptocurrency fund to be used to finance non-refundable ethical activities and projects, parental schools, associations of social utility, voluntary work, the disabled and people in difficulty, and all the initiatives that will be deemed worthy of help.

Inspired by the experience of the past decade with Bitcoin, and thanks to the technical skills of the team of volunteer computer scientists, Crypto Ethical Fund chooses Dinastycoin (DCY) for its operation, a young cryptocurrency, with a very low market price, and few trading volumes, ideal conditions to relive the Bitcoin experience, i.e. the possibility for everyone to purchase large quantities of it with little change, at a very low price, and at the same time develop activities to spread knowledge and use of it, increase its value over time, and consequently enhance the association's assets, which will be used for charitable purposes as described above.

Their activity is also very important for all Dinastycoin holders, who will see their wallets enhanced thanks to the commitment and action of the Crypto Ethical Fund.

We help Crypto Ethical Fund to promote fundraising, important rewards are foreseen for anyone who brings new donors to the association, both private individuals and companies.

Companies have important tax benefits on donations to non-profit organizations.

The business procurement contract will be available soon, and we will implement in the application the possibility of reporting procured donors for the calculation of commissions.

In the meantime, you can already promote the fundraising by writing down the data of your donors (Date of donation, Name, Surname, Company name and amount donated), and inform them of the following platforms to make the donation: