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Swap Dynastycoin Updates

with this post we want to inform you of the work in progress of the project and the swap. We apologize if we are unable to provide punctual information, but there are always so many jobs that we don't have time to do everything according to the desired timing.

As you know we have been working since this summer to swap the current version of dynastycoin 2.1.1i to a new version 3.0 called Dante in memory of the father of the Italian language, which will have a totally different blockchain based on the latest version of Monero with mining algorithm random-x which will allow you to go back to mining again Dynastycoins either solo Mining with your PC using the new Gui wallet or connected to a pool, obtaining excellent results. This is because the algorithm random-x no longer allows Cryptonote ASICs to obtain better results than a normal CPU can obtain, perhaps even worse.

We come to the update of the works. Below is a summary roadmap that will lead us to the opening and beginning of the new era of Dynastycoin:

  1. November 2 isolation of the current blockchain and suspension of public seed nodes
  2. November 3 opening on mainnet explorer.dynastycoin.coh
  3. November 3 activation of new blockchain from testnet to maiNet
  4. November 4 opening on MaiNet of the official mining pool on
  5. November 5 site opening
  6. November 5 available download wallet gui on
  7. November 5th start automatic swap of members' online wallet
  8. November 5 I send sources for compilation to btc-alpha And so that they too can swap all the dynastycoins they have in their wallet
  9. November 6 listing request to a dozen exchanges (aim of listing on at least 2 new ones)
  10. November 7 opening on of the dinastrycoin wallet which allows the points received for social activities to be converted into Dinastycoin
  11. November 11 publication on Github of all the sources of the blockchain (dynastycoind dinasticoin.-wallet-cli etc)
  12. November 15 publication on github of all the sources of the wallet gui buildable for Win Mac Linux
  13. November 30 new wallet gui version with option to print wallet paper in banknote format
  14. December 10 available new webapp for merchants that will be able to read the new walletpaper banknote and import it to a new address by resuming only the QrCod

Some of our most passionate contributors are also working to update the Discord and Bitcointalk pages  

There is also a new site which will be the learning center for users, traders and developers who want to learn and get to know the new dynasty well

The main road map will be updated, as we are with the new Dynastycoins several new developments and goals to accomplish

Obviously the backoffice, shopping and will be updated to support the new blockchain

Btc-alpha reported swap support. .Beyond 140 million Dynastycoins they are on their exchange and will be converted to the new format. as soon as the conversion has taken place, on Btc-Alpha it will be possible to go back to depositing, trading and withdrawing one's dynastycoins. Same thing sy which has approx 40 million Dynastycoins which will be converted to the new format automatically

For cryptopia where there are at least 300 million dynastycoins the matter is more complicated, given that as you know the exchange is closed due to the well-known hacking events. However, I think they will return all the dynastycoins by sending all the members an email with the instructions. Once members have access to their wallet, they can make a deposit on the site to convert them to the new format. The site will remain open until this is done. Once cryptopia communicated the date to access its Dinastycoin wallets, we will establish a definitive closing date for the swap site which will give everyone time to make the exchange.

Keep up to date and follow us on various social networks, participate and spread the advent of the new dynastycoin

Dynastycoin Swap to new Blockchain

We decided not to do a hardfork but directly a SWAP.

We have been working since July 2019 continuously. If you don't know yet, I'll start by explaining the reasons that led to the SWAP. In the meantime, remembering what it is about:

Swapping a cryptocurrency is nothing more than the transition from one type of blockchain to another. Instead of going crazy modifying the current blockchain, everything is moved to a new one, evidently to have greater technological advantages which I will explain later.

To make the swap we have prepared a new site, which will be communicated as soon as we are ready, with due explanations. On this site, each of you who have Desktop wallets on your PC can deposit them on the swap site by creating your own account and receiving a DCY address for the deposit. At that point the site will convert an equal number of New Dynastycoins to a new address from which they can be withdrawn and moved anywhere and then used on the exchange and on the association's ecommerce site.

The reasons why we do this great job is to restore vitality to Dinastycoin, which in 2018 had suffered serious attacks on the blockchain by ASIC miners, just at a time when Dinastycoin was growing and had become the most profitable coin in the whole park known cryptocurrencies. This also sanctioned their condemnation since the community of "normal" miners was not strong enough to support the impact of the ASICs who saw the great opportunity of the Dynastycoin, uninterested in the damage they could have created. 

The intervention of the asic had meant that a few miners accumulated so many dynastycoins, also making the value decrease as always happens on these occasions. Dynastycoins was born with cryptonote technology because it is an equal technology. That is, it allows everyone to be able to undermine the cryptocurrency of normal PC coins. And so it was until March 2018 when the Cyrptonote ASIC they massively poured onto our blockchain, crushing it in 3 months, creating many alternative chains which in June 2018 forced us to stop it for 2 months.

We started again with some block changes in October 2018 and already at the turn of November and December the Dynastycoins had become the most traded coin with bitcoin on Cryptopia. And the value had started to rise again. Just shortly9 before Cryptopia was hacked. This second event further decreased confidence and consequently the value of the dynasty which remained tradable only on and with very low volumes.

While many even in the community thought we were doomed, we pulled our nails out convinced we were right and fighting a just cause. And from here as a first step for the rebirth comes the SWAP.

This will be followed immediately by the introduction in some of the top 20 or top 10 exchanges, with a great expenditure of energy, including economic ones, but which together with the promotion that these exchanges will make to their members (hundreds of thousands), should bring back significant volumes.

There are a number of changes we are making to the roadmap Dynastrycoin And dynasty of freedom. The most important of which is the unbreakable marriage that is created with, from which we also had the task of redoing and modernizing the entire site, updating it with the evolutions that the community of self-determined Italians has had in the last year.

The nascent confederation is one of the most important epochal innovations, combined with the idea of creating extra-territorial areas in Italy in which to develop the new economy outside the Italian state.

And in the face of this collaboration we have decided to make available, of all the nascent projects by self-determined people who go in the direction of extra-territorial areas, 2/3 of the dynastycoins mined by the founders and all the residuals that will never be claimed on the site of swaps. We think that it can be achieved so as to have a fund of several hundred million dynastycoins entirely available. We will publish the available number of DCYs and the various funded projects in the near future.

Such dynastycoins in order to become a fund that can actually finance all the above projects, it needs a substantial growth in value that goes even beyond 1 euro. This will be possible with the help of all of you in spreading our projects and our idea. The renewed confidence of the markets will do the rest.

All the information relating to the Swap will follow as soon as it is ready and usable.

The advantage of the new blockchain is the reliability and evolution brought by the Monero team. In fact, while remaining Cryptonote as a basic technology, the new blockchain has adopted Monero technology. The benefits are to be antiasics. that is, to return to becoming an equal cryptocurrency, that is, mineable by all. The new version of the Dynastycoin, or rather the first version of the new era, has been named DANTE in honor of the father of the Italian language. We will adopt the called mining algorithm from the very beginning cryptoneight random X, developed by monero team. This algorithm allows you to stay safe for 3/5 years from new ASIC attacks, and also allows CPUs to undermine GPUs better. Considering that CPUs are by far the most common on all computers in the world, here we achieve our goal of making Dynastycoins truly one Equivalent cryptocurrency, at least for a few more years.

Another big news is the restoration and updating of the site We are also working on that to give the possibility to convert the socialPoint that you receive for the activities done on the site (chat, post, etc) in the new Dinastycoin. In the social network everyone will therefore have an address DCY extension in which to pour the points earned at their discretion. The points converted into DCY will obviously be reset to zero, but just continue with the Social activities to earn more.

The change now until the opening of the SWAP site is 1PuntoSocial= 1Dinastycoin this will be modified with the growth of value on the market. So it's time to start accumulating them right away. The conversion will be available as soon as the new blockchain has launched and the Swap site has started operating.

Obviously And they will support the new dynasty right away.

Dynastycoin Recode Base Monero

An important new HardFork will be done by the end of 2019

Currently Dynastycoins with i blocks V.4 after the hardfork in september it's going without major problems, but still are the Cryptonight ASICs to be the master and to prevent everyone from undermining the Dynastycoin as was done until the beginning of 2018.

ASICs, or single-specific integrated circuits, are a polarizer in the wider industry.

Some projects blockchain, that is to say bitcoins And Litecoins, have embraced this form of network security, expect a subset of mining machines to move freely.

Other initiatives, including Ethereum And Monero, have developed algorithms to choke ASICs.

Monero it is sure the crytpotonota more similar to Dynastycoins is based on Cryptonote algorithm,.

It is a war against the Cryptonight ASICs, as they defeat the initial purpose of the cryptonotes, i.e. that of equal rights.

Of all the cryptocurrencies, they are the only ones that allow them to be mined without resorting to expensive hardware.

For this reason, the Dinastycoin core team has decided to switch to the blockchain with Monero technology.

It will be a challenging hard fork that requires months of preparation.

We will keep you informed on the work and above all when the hardfork will be expected.

It will be important for all owners Dynastycoins follow the instructions they dare to not risk losing theirs dynastycoins converting their wallets to the new format.

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