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New Dynasty of Freedom Website

The new version of the site has been launched

If you don't know the Project, the idea that led to the Dynastycoins its called Dynasty of Freedom.

Dynasty of Freedom is a non-profit association, made up of a group of people who want to develop a revolutionary project to change the world and society.

The creation of a new economic society where the human being and his rights are in the first place.

We hoped that positive signals would come from the politicians, we waited for 50 years, but there is nothing to be done.

Visit dynasty of freedom to discover all the projects that are being carried out to make Dynastycoins one of the first most spendable cryptocurrencies in the world

Dynastycoin Recode Base Monero

An important new HardFork will be done by the end of 2019

Currently Dynastycoins with i blocks V.4 after the hardfork in september it's going without major problems, but still are the Cryptonight ASICs to be the master and to prevent everyone from undermining the Dynastycoin as was done until the beginning of 2018.

ASICs, or single-specific integrated circuits, are a polarizer in the wider industry.

Some projects blockchain, that is to say bitcoins And Litecoins, have embraced this form of network security, expect a subset of mining machines to move freely.

Other initiatives, including Ethereum And Monero, have developed algorithms to choke ASICs.

Monero it is sure the crytpotonota more similar to Dynastycoins is based on Cryptonote algorithm,.

It is a war against the Cryptonight ASICs, as they defeat the initial purpose of the cryptonotes, i.e. that of equal rights.

Of all the cryptocurrencies, they are the only ones that allow them to be mined without resorting to expensive hardware.

For this reason, the Dinastycoin core team has decided to switch to the blockchain with Monero technology.

It will be a challenging hard fork that requires months of preparation.

We will keep you informed on the work and above all when the hardfork will be expected.

It will be important for all owners Dynastycoins follow the instructions they dare to not risk losing theirs dynastycoins converting their wallets to the new format.

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