Bonuses and incentives until 30 September 2023
We involve companies to develop an independent economy!

Show your entrepreneur friends the advantages of using cryptocurrency, and sign them up at Dynastycoin Club, the new application for payments and collections.

Shops, businesses, professionals, artisans, or any other business, anyone can accept cryptocurrency payments for the sale of their goods or services.

The following prizes and incentives are foreseen until the end of September

  • Good purchase worth €50, to the new company active and visible in the application, which can be spent without time limits in any activity of the Dinastycoin Club ecosystem.
  • 6% to the sponsor on the collection in Dinastycoin of the registered company.
  • Good Purchase worth €150, when the company develops a volume of collections in Dinastycoin of at least €500, assigned to the sponsor. If the commercial consultant is present, €50 will go to the sponsor and €100 to the commercial consultant.
  • Good purchase worth €50 to the company, if at least 10 users register.

If the sponsor, in addition to the company that develops at least €500 of proceeds in Dinastycoin, also registers 5 users, he will have:

  • Credits for a value of €100 to spend without time limits at the company itself, which becomes €200 if the company works online.

There is no limit to the activities that can be registered.

All prizes will be offered by FACTABIT LTD and paid to companies in Dynastycoin (DCY)