Exciting news comes from Russia
An exciting news comes from RUSSIA but at the same time VERY worrying given what happened every time someone was putting himself against the hegemony of the private Dollar of the NWO starting with Lincoln passing through JFkennedy, let's not forget MORO and Gaddafi ... only among those that come to mind that they were trying to break free from their lethal grip and you know how they ended up.
Now threatening them globally with a new currency are Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa (BRICS) therefore a huge economic reality that the NWO cannot counter by killing the heads of these states.
The statement comes from the Deputy Speaker of the lower house of Russia Alexander Babakov during a Russian Indian business forum held in New Delhi in India.
He also said that the official announcement will be made in August 2023 during the BRICS summit. They will announce a new GOLD-backed currency that will replace the DOLLAR in world trade!!!! (finally)
I'm not Nostradamus, so my predictions are worth less than nothing, but my thought is free and unconditioned and I think that only 2 things could happen:
  • 1) that the NWO feel the pinch and do nothing sensational by legally trying to counter the new currency with marketing and promotion actions (I really wish it were like this)
  • 2) that glaring at the corner like a wounded rat attacks head on, dead for dead, and unleashes the dreaded third world war using Ukraine as an excuse.

Without the power of the dollar they will no longer be able to corrupt the world of institutions and the mass media.

In both cases, the dollar and the euro will be worth the same as the German mark at the end of the world war, when people went shopping carrying a wheelbarrow full of marks.
The forecasts of the experts for 2024 speak of a BTC at 150k dollars and the other cryptocurrencies follow suit.
It is therefore advisable for those who have euros and dollars to get rid of them as soon as possible ... the only alternative now is crypto or gold! Good luck!
The advantage of cryptocurrencies that can be converted into any currency at any time as needed without intermediaries and are anonymous!
Personally I prefer cryptocurrencies and have been doing it since 2014, and until today I think I've got it right!
More info on the telegram channel of "inside the news".
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