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A short story

Dynastycoins was launched in December 2015. It was a fair and anticipated launch of the CryptoNote reference code based on the open source code ByteCoin. There was no pre-premium in the first release and no portion of the block reward went to development. Whoever wanted to get it had to undermine it. In 2017 it entered the first listed exchange cryptopia and to follow on Btc-Alpha. After a while it became the most profitable cryptocurrency on the market with trades exceeding one million dollars. This caught the attention of the big bigminers sooner than we expected. This detected a weakness in the blockchain and despite some upgrade hardforks it came close to collapse caused by some miners exceeding 51% of hash power generated for mining on the blockchain. In 2018 The founder, proposed some controversial changes that the community did not agree with. A relapse followed and the Dynastycoins Core Team has decided to switch to a more robust blockchain based on the Monero core. The new version 4.11 has been in production since 2019. The SWAP lasted 6 months. Since then there have been no more problems of successful attacks on the Blockchain.

Dynastycoins has made several big improvements since launch. The blockchain was migrated to a different database structure to provide greater efficiency and flexibility, minimum ring signature sizes were set so that all transactions were private per mandate, and RingCT extension was implemented to hide transaction amounts. Almost all of the improvements have either provided security or privacy improvements or made them easier to use until the introduction of the new App Dynastycoins continues to develop with goals of privacy and security in the first place, ease of use and efficiency in the second place.

Our values

Dynastycoin is more than just technology. It is also what technology stands for. Some of the important guiding philosophies are listed below.

Users must be able to rely on Dynastycoins their transactions, without risk of error or attack. Dynastycoins gives the full block reward to miners, who are the most critical members of the network providing this security. Transactions are cryptographically secure using the latest and most resilient cryptographic tools available.

Dynastycoins takes privacy seriously. Dynastycoins it must be able to protect users in court and, in extreme cases, against the death penalty. This level of privacy must be fully accessible to all users, whether they are technologically savvy or have no idea how it works Dynastycoins . A user must confidently trust Dynastycoins so that this person does not feel compelled to change their spending habits because of the risk that others find out.

Dynastycoins is committed to providing the highest degree of decentralization in both network security and code development. Its algorithm Proof of Work prevents specialized mining hardware from dominating the network and allows for fair distribution of block rewards. .

Technical information

Below is some basic technical information about Dynastycoins. For further information consult the library or get in touch with the community.

Proof of work
Dynastycoins uses randomx, an ASIC-resistant and CPU-friendly POW algorithm created by members of the Dinastycoin community, designed to make the use of specific mining hardware impractical. Dynastycoins used previously CryptoNight and variations of this algorithm. More info in the repository GitHub.

Emission curve
To make sure there will always be an incentive to mine Dynastycoin to keep it safe, the issuance is infinite. There are two main issuances: first, main curve: ~2 billion coins by the end of 2024, then, tail curve: 0.6 XMR per 2 minute block, triggers once main issuance ends, translates into a decrease in inflation <1% over time (tail emission).

A new block is created every ~2 minutes. There is no maximum block size, but instead a block reward penalty and a dynamic block size, to ensure dynamic scaling.

Main technologies to improve privacy
RingCT extension
Addresses hidden
Ring signatures
Transactions over Tor/I2P

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