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Hidden addresses are an important part of the inherent privacy of Dynastycoins . They allow and require the sender to create random one-time addresses for each transaction on behalf of the recipient. The recipient can only publish one address, but all of their incoming payments go to unique addresses on the blockchain, where they cannot be traced back to either the recipient's published address or any other transaction address. By using hidden addresses, only the sender and recipient can determine where a payment was sent.

When you create a Dinastycoin account you will have a private view key, a private spend key and a public address. The spend key is used to send payments, the view key is used to view incoming transactions destined for your account, and the public address is used to receive payments. Both the spend key and the view key are used to create your address Dynastycoins . You can have a “watch only” wallet that uses only the view key. This feature can be used for accounting or auditing purposes, but is currently unreliable due to the inability to track outgoing transactions. You can decide who can see your balance Dynastycoins by sharing your view key. Dynastycoins it is private by default and optionally semi-transparent!

When using the wallet Dynastycoins , all of this is handled by the software. Send Dynastycoins it's as easy as entering the destination address, the amount and pressing send. To receive Dynastycoins , you simply give the sender your public address.

To know how Dynastycoins prevents history tracking (untraceability), see ring signatures

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