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dynastycoin new algorithm Lwma4

It was tough but we started again.. it was necessary to implement a new advanced algorithm LMWA v.4 and update the format of the Blocks now v.4 too. Sleepless nights, a really hot August, not just because of the heat. Now we are restoring all online wallets and preparing new version of Wallet Gui for Windows. For Linux it is already available in beta for download.

Anyone doing solo mining needs to update the daemon, miner and simplewallet and load the new blockchain or resync it from scratch with the new Demon 2.1.2h.1273

The pools started our in

In the next few days we will prepare various news for the dynastycoin and we will notify the exchanges to reopen the wallet functions.

One or maybe even 2 new exchanges in sight still small but we all grow together
There will also be a new Online Browser Wallet that we are evaluating can also support Dynastycoins now we will try it with the new version

And of course all the work on the Ecommerce and Hotel booking platform restarts
There will be an update webinar for everything soon
including the diffusion agreements that we will get off to a flying start as soon as everything is stabilized also with the exchanges

Thank you all for your patience and support.

New Dynastycoin 2.1.3 version in beta testnet

Following the problems encountered since the new ones ASIC cryptonight entered circulation and connected to our blockchain we proceeded to create a New Dynastycoin Version 2.1.3 which mainly includes the new algorithm LWMA extension which is able to thwart all hash attacks on the blockchain.

In the current version 2.1.2 we use the algorithm Zawy v.1 which proved to be useful having solved the previous problems of bigminers that blocked the production of blocks, sometimes even for a few days. About this new algorithm LWMA extension latest version by Scott Robert you can find information and code on github by clicking here.

The algorithm allows us to keep the cryptonight mining algorithm version without switching to the cryptonight v.7 version as Monero recently did, at least for now. 

The problem that is arising now after the introduction of the New Asic for cryptonight is that the too much power produced by some Miners has created alternative chains, which have been canceled and restored, creating problems for all pools.

We are now running the new 2.1.3 version in testnet mode to prove that the updates are effective and do not create any problems for the current blockchain.

In addition to the application of the LWMA algorithm, some bugs have been fixed, making the blockchain and wallets more stable, with less risk of crashes.

  • Added Enable_blockchain_explorer support which will allow Pools to directly and more easily implement the Dinastycoin blockchain explorer
  • For the Linux versions the daemon also supports the block Falling Host which automatically blocks the IPs that create problems for the blockchain
  • Added Fee Address option to daemons
  • Added the mnemonic seed Import and export for the simplewallet which allows you to recover a wallet by remembering a sequence of keywords
    Added New RPC Commands to the wallet

The version will also be released with the Updated Wallet GUI

A fork is required to switch to the new LWMA algorithm. When the version is made available we will communicate the exact block number in which the new fork will take place

Dynastycoin 2.1.3 Beta published

Dynasty of Freedom is pleased to inform you that it has been published on github the beta version of Dynastycoins 2.1.3 which includes a fork from block 480000.

The main novelty is the implementation of the algorithm LWMA V.2 which should get the anti ASIC effects of the Cryptonight V7 created by Monero

You can download and compile the new version directly at github  

This version is a beta so it has been listed as a new repository on Github. As soon as the release of the final version is confirmed, the previous version 2.1.2 repository will be updated on github and this new one will be deleted.

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