Dynastycoin emerging cryptocurrency

Dynastycoins in the last 4 days it has been the global cryptocurrency among the 787 official cryptocurrencies that has had the greatest growth, source coinmarketcap.com : where it is now ranked 269th out of 787 Cryptocurrencies listed worldwide.

Well! let me Write it after all the sacrifices made in these 2 years…. to set up the infrastructure of a new echo system:

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We are just at the beginning and there is still a lot of work to do but now we are sure that we can do it!

We will help Italy rise from the ashes of the euro! and we will help make the made in italy in the world!

Italian traders and entrepreneurs just need to WAKE UP now they have a tool to free themselves from the grip of Taxes and return to being Competitive…. and help bring down this government of traitors! because if we no longer feed it by paying taxes… it will die without a fight!… freeing all Italians from this terrible deception and betrayal!

I understand that entrepreneurs are afraid of not paying taxes... but they finally have a tool to do it without running any risk.

Receive a payment in cryptocurrency it is not taxable being considered on a par with a barter between private individuals.

The details of how to do this within a commercial establishment are being discussed in the community. Issuance of a non-fiscal receipt, for example VAT free!