Previews and News for the end of the year and 2019

First of all, we apologize to the international and national community for the delays that have occurred also for news and updates. But we want to assure everyone that we have never stopped, despite the great problems encountered with the Dinastycoin blockchain, which have been brilliantly solved with hard sacrifices and sleepless nights.

Clearly this also drove many miners and investors away, causing the value of the Dynastycoin to drop to an all-time low. 

We are sorry, and we understand how difficult it is for those on the outside, with thousands of Cryptocurrencies in the market, to understand which one may have the greatest chance of Growth.

Fear often wins and you go from enthusiasm to depression in an instant. Dinastycoin is to be considered an atypical currency compared to all the others. It is our project, our even more atypical idea, combining the concepts of cryptocurrency with freedom and individual self-determination.

The value of any Cryptocurrency is based on trust. Difficult to understand for many. Value is what each of us imagines we can have after some time. However, there are few who really analyze the objectives and who try to understand why a cryptocurrency was created, and limit themselves to hearing the advice of their friend or reading on social networks.

Our goals have remained unchanged, indeed they have further extended towards even more important directions in terms of individual freedom.

For this reason we are preparing an updated roadmap to cover the period from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2020, both for Dinastycoin and for Dinasty of Freedom as the objectives are closely related.

There are many new features we are working on and which you will soon be aware of. Some things have already leaked, but that's not a problem.

However, we prefer to give you the news when things are ready or have been definitively decided by all the Boarding.

In general we are working on Dynastycoin to implement the V7 antimAsic blocks that have given us so many problems.

We are re-updating the ecommerce in the Mobile version and contacting various commercial operators and hotels and B&Bs to be ready to enter. Probably from the beginning of the new year.

In the Ecommerce platform you can operate with different currencies. Dinastycoin, dinastytoken, bitcoin, bitcoincash and Litecoin, to allow a wider range of users to approach and then also get to know the Dinastycoin.

We will give greater emphasis to individual self-determination, as we consider it to be the best way to free ourselves from the system of Financial Plutocratic Oligarchies that have now conquered the world.  

Stay tuned, the new roadmap will be ready in early December in its final format and a draft will be published as early as the end of November.